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The Development Circle

The Development Circle is probably the greatest foundation in our training. These circles are run in many of the churches, centres and homes around the world and have changed somewhat over the years. Early in Spiritualist history, these circles would be firmly focused on the physical and concentrate entirely on one person (or medium) in the group. Times have changed and we have seen that mediumship changed more towards mental mediumship, although there is still firmly a place for physical mediumship today.

Now, with the guidance of a qualified circle leader, sitters can develop their mediumship within the circle, a safe space of likeminded people, connecting to Spirit. For me, I have always felt that we meet Spirit halfway, i.e. the circle allows us to raise our vibration to do this, whilst Spirit lowers their vibration, thus meeting halfway.

It is a chance to connect with Spirit and through that connection we can bring through the message from them, loved ones and also the philosophy and healing. It is a space where we can simply sit in the presence of Spirit and we can ask what they need from us and what we need for them. The circle is the foundation of our development and usually follows rules, such as timings, day of the week, length of the circle, whether it is a closed circle (members only) or an open circle (anyone can take part).

In the current climate, circles are being held on platforms such as zoom and whilst these may not create the energy of being in a physical location, they are still an excellent way to develop mediumship. One example is the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh who run online development circles and can be joined from those throughout the world.


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