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About Ewan

Ewan Irvine is an international Psychic Medium, Tutor and Author with a career spanning over 30 years and has also worked extensively in the Paranormal field.  ​

He is a CERTIFICATE holder of the SPIRITUALIST NATIONAL UNION award (CSNU) in Demonstrating and Speaking.​

Ewan was born in Edinburgh and had a normal childhood, apart from one thing. As a child, Ewan was aware that he was different from other children, being able to sense Spirit and be aware of events before they actually happened. He also had a firm interest in ghosts from this young age.

As the years passed, he accepted these and really thought that they were just normal, but it was not until the age of 18 that he was to receive a reading from a medium that was to change his life. The reading, as well as giving him firm proof of the afterlife, answered many of the questions he had over the years. But the reading was to reveal that he would use his own Psychic gift in the years to come.​

In the following years, Ewan was to develop his own ability in mediumship and began to demonstrate this ability in many of the Spiritualist churches and cent res up and down the country. ​

He won the Spiritual Connextions Award in 2007, coming first in over 300 applicants

Ewan Irvine
Ewan Irvine


Ewan has worked extensively in the UK, Ireland and abroad demonstrating his mediumship skills.

He has tutored workshops in many of the churches and centres as well as events such as SpiritQuest.

Ewan was resident medium on Edinburgh's Talk 107 radio for 2 years and also went on to host his own radio show.

The Paranormal 

Ewan worked with Mary King's Ghostfest and has taken part in investigations in many locations such as Mary King's Close, Edinburgh Vaults. The White Hart Inn, Edinburgh Camera Obscura, Edinburgh's Ragged School, Newcastle Keep, Alnmouth's Schooner Hotel. Menzies Castle and many more. 

He has also investigated a number of locations and houses, where discretion has been asked for and the location cannot be revealed. 

He has appeared in 'Psychic News' , STV News, Edinburgh Evening News, Daily Record, Sun Newspaper, The Herald and the Telegraph. 

Ewan was guest medium on Most Haunted Live and has appeared in programmes such as Tough Gig and Britain's Hairy Bikers. 

He has spoken at events on the subject of the Paranormal and he also featured in Roddy Martine's book 'Haunted Scotland'.

Ewan performed his sell-out show 'Tales of the Condemned' at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe show and will be back at the next Fringe with his show 'Tales from the City below'.

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