Readings are given at the SIr Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Edinburgh or   by other arrangement.

I have given one to one readings for many years, as well as demonstrating at many venues in the UK , Ireland and abroad.

People have a reading for various reasons :

To receive proof that there is life after death.

To find out about their own spiritual journey and development.

Or, to simply experience the help a reading may give.

Many people are naturally nervous about getting a reading for the first time, so I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

A good psychic reading will provide you with a better insight into yourself and a better understanding of other people close to you. You may also find out what aspects of your life you urgently need to focus on and learn about.

A good mediumship reading will connect with your loved ones who have passed to Spirit. 

I am able to focus on either the psychic or mediumship link or combine both.

To book a reading with me please call the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre on 0131 625 0700.

Ewan Irvine
Ewan irvine

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre

25 Palmerston Place


EH12 5AP