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  • Ewan irvine


I had the privilege to take part in "World Speech Day 2022" which was based on "A New Harmony" and "A New Dawn". This was my speech and hope that you enjoy :

World Speech Day

The Spiritual Self

Throughout history we have struggled to understand and to solve many of life’s mysteries.

We try to comprehend the expanse of the universe. Is there an end to the universe and if so, then what lies beyond that end ? Is there life after death ? Is there other life in the universe ?

We struggle to find answers, regardless of our depth of knowledge, education, literacy or even our grasp of the mystical.

We come to try to comprehend the mysteries in ourselves. Why are we here ? What is the purpose of life ? These could be considered as our spiritual needs to nourish a spiritual self in order to achieve a centred harmony within us.

Throughout history we have tried to come to terms with our inner selves. And something inside human’s have drove us at the same time to explore our spirit and who we are.

Anthropologists and archeologists have shown that even in early human civilisation and the Paleolithic ( Pa lee uh li thuck ) Age, we began to discover our spiritual reality. They created art and paintings of hunters and their spirits, intending to cast a spell over their pray.

Through Ancient Greece, stories emerged of gods and goddesses, of Love and War, and of human triumph and failure.

These form the spiritual stories of old, where we take tradition, sayings, wisdom and even prophecy.

But time moves on and we are in a modern age, a time where technology makes the world a much smaller place. Social media and politics continue to shape and change the world. We live in an age where individuals can experience life through travel that would have been unheard of centuries ago.

The scared spiritual places of old can be travelled to easily not weeks or months, but in hours, and people can experience for themselves the footsteps early civilisations took.

For many, this can be a spiritual experience. And yet, in this new dawn of imminent space travel one can only wonder the experience of seeing planet earth, from space itself and the knowledge that somewhere down there are billions of people taking their own journey of life.

To go forward, in this 21st century, our human horizons are broadening, but we can remember the journeys of our ancestors who were ‘open to experiencing the sacred’ and who connected with the land, sea and sky on a deeper level, constantly questioning the past, present and the future.

We will continually question like our ancestors, but technology brings us the ability to explore the spiritual self, through online meditations, holistic approaches and training, mindfulness, learning, connecting with other cultures and places. We can nourish that light within ourselves and in our own learning that light grows brighter,

Our collective spiritual identity is formed through our society and beliefs, our culture and upbringing. We see suffering and respond. We see dark and we try to bring light to that suffering. We see Global disasters through television and online and many respond through help and aid. That is our spiritual response.

In those days of global conflict, global warming and disaster’s may we look at a new Horizon through the words of English Actor, Filmmaker and Entrepreneur Richard Attenborough who said

“There is a LIGHT in this world. A healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter. We sometimes lose sight of this force when there is suffering, and too much pain. Then suddenly, the spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways.“

We know that spiritual understanding, more powerful than any darkness, has allowed our ancestors to survive, humans to evolve and in the milleniums to come, perhaps even earth will be a distant sacred place, as we evolve on another planet, in a galaxy, far far away.

As those milleniums occur, how many new dawns are on that horizon to feed the spiritual self.

In that new dawn, hopefully each of us will sing at the same time, even with different notes, but create a simple melody in a complex harmony.



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